Claflin's Fitness Under Fire

Claflin's Fitness Under Fire

According to Sam Claflin, he is extremely insecure with his body after Sam Claflin’s body shaming revealations . On the set of a movie, where people were grabbing at his fat and asked him to lose the extra weight. They were slapping him on his excess fat and he said that he actually felt like a meat. The 30 year old actor had previously exhibited is hot body in the movies like Me Before You and The Hunger Games. He also discloses that it really gets bad while approaching with a job role of an actor; he has to take up his top and then get criticized for everything making him too nervous and shaky in front of the camera. 

For him, the worst part of all about it is, no one ever talks about the same. Fitness of the Male Actors: The main question is: Are male actors too fit? When the male actors are new in the industry they might have a multiple issues with their body which they has to take care of for building their body in an appropriate manner and maintain the same. They have to spend hours in the gyms performing exercises and workouts and almost not eating anything for weeks to shed off their extra fat. There are also some of the Most harmful celebrity diets which should be taken care of. 

•According to the diet experts, teatox that is mainly used by the actors can be actually dangerous for health. Some of the extreme versions of healthy and clean eating dairy, grains and gluten from food. Sometimes raw food diet is better than the excess of clean food.

 • The nutritionally beneficial foods are given the tags of unhealthy food with no proper scientific evidence. 

• Until and unless these foods cause medically proven allergies or other conditions in the human body there is absolutely no need to eliminate them from an individual’s regular diet. 

•The diet pills can be both nasty and dangerous. They have a multiple side effects, among which the main is diarrhea. Most of the times these pills, that are bought from the online stores do not actually have the proper license for human consumption and most of them are never prescribed by the doctors or the physicians. 

•According to the experts it is better to go juiceless as the body is capable of perfectly detoxifying itself without the help of the liquids and juices.